Britain’s cheapest house on sale for £0

The tumbledown three-bedroom Victorian terraced house is up for sale in the former mining village of Nantymoel, near Bridgend, South Wales.

It has been described by the auctioneers as “little more than a shell requiring complete renovation”, which explains why it has a reserve price of “nil pounds”.

Auctioneer Paul Fosh said: “We haven’t been inside the house as the windows, or what’s left of them, are all boarded up.

“We’re told all there is of the house are the walls. The only concession to comfort appears to be a leather sofa which is in the forecourt to the front, outside of the building.”

He added: “The freehold property has a nil reserve which means that it could be sold for just a few pounds.

“But the new owner must be well aware that they’ll need funds to renovate the place as it is currently unfit for human habitation – it doesn’t even have slates on the roof.”

Auctioneers have not revealed who is selling the house but it is believed the former owner died.
Neighbours remember when it was a happy family home before it fell into disrepair more than 10 years ago.

One neighbour said: “It would be lovely if someone could wave a magic wand and turn it back into a home again. It is a bit of an ugly eyesore.”